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Boilers and radiant floor heating are especially beneficial in Pendleton, IN and surrounding areas, easily handling the long, freezing cold winters. Because we rely on heating for considerably more than half the year, the right system makes a big difference. Hydronic heating won’t overly dry out the air, doesn’t introduce harmful contaminants, and is virtually silent. With very few moving parts, there’s little that can go wrong and you can count on outstanding longevity.

Boiler System Installations & Service

Hanes Indoor Comfort encourages you to call us at (765) 250-4300 for an estimate on boiler and radiant flooring services. Our NATE-certified professionals design the perfect solution for your specific home, whether you’re planning heated floors in a single or several rooms or the entire residence. Our industry experience translates into a swift, smooth and satisfying completion of even the biggest and most complex projects. We are not only prepared for anything but answer with the quality of products and craftsmanship that maximize value.

Radiant Floor Heating Installations

With radiant flooring, the heat spreads evenly from wall to wall and corner to corner. There are no cold spots, no drafts and the temperature from floor to ceiling varies no more than three degrees from the thermostat. The easy setup of zone control and exceptional energy efficiency keeps running costs low while providing gentle and rewarding comfort. Family-owned and operated, veteran-owned and local, Hanes Indoor Comfort is your knowledgeable and trusted source for a complete list of boiler and radiant floor heating services across Pendleton, Anderson, Ingalls, Lapel, Edgewood, and Fortville, IN.

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