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Zoning is a beneficial upgrade for any property, but especially helpful for homes in Pendleton, IN and surrounding areas, where local weather conditions are so extreme. It can be nearly impossible for a central HVAC system to effectively manage the unique demands of individual rooms or multiple stories. Upper levels tend to get overheated while the downstairs feels chilly. Wouldn’t it be nice to customize heating and cooling according to the occupancy and requirements of each space?

Retrofitted Forced Air Zoning Systems

Hanes Indoor Comfort specializes in the retrofit of forced air zoning systems. A combination of control boards, dampers, sensors, thermostats, and proper ventilation designates independent “zones” throughout the home. The dampers work to direct airflow according to signals sent by the control board. A thermostat for each zone allows settings tailored to personal preference, optimum comfort, and greater energy savings.

Enjoy optimal comfort with a forced air zoning system!

Get in touch with Hanes Indoor Comfort for an estimate on the installation of a zoning system. Our NATE-certified technicians are experienced, prepared for all challenges, and fully trained to maximize value and rewards. Improved control over the HVAC system not only cuts monthly costs but lessens wear and tear on heating and cooling components as well. We help you determine the ideal fit for your specific home and offer upfront and flat-rate pricing. Locally, veteran and family-owned, Hanes Indoor Comfort keeps you comfortable!

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