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As a third-generation family business, Hanes Indoor Comfort recognizes and answers the unique challenges of older homes. As locals, we are familiar with weather extremes in Pendleton, IN and surrounding areas and specialize in non-invasive, energy-efficient, and whole-home solutions. Give us a call at (765) 250-4300, and let us explain the advantages of high-velocity HVAC systems. Specifically designed to retrofit without damage, this fairly recent innovation opens up a whole new world of comfort.

High-Velocity HVAC System Service

High-velocity heating and cooling offer a lower-profile alternative to conventional forced-air furnaces and air conditioners. The beauty of the design is the mini-ducts. Only two inches in diameter, the insulated tubes are flexible and can be routed through walls and ceilings and around studs and pipes without the need for renovation. They link to round, six-inch diameter vents available in a wide variety of styles and able to accommodate ideal locations. Compact air handlers fit easily into limited space and the process of aspiration minimizes running time.

Trust in Hanes Indoor Comfort for high-velocity HVAC repairs, maintenance & installations!

Hanes Indoor Comfort offers flat rates and upfront pricing. Our highly trained techs are NATE-certified and knowledgeable in all details of high-velocity HVAC configuration, installation, maintenance, and repairs. We provide control over temperature without destroying the architectural integrity of your home or creating a giant renovation project. Rather than sell you something you don’t need, we find the best way to significantly improve the value and enjoyment of your living space. Hanes Indoor Comfort provides comfort across Pendleton, Anderson, Ingalls, Lapel, Edgewood, and Fortville, IN.

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